Incredible Benefits Of Castile Soap

Incredible Benefits Of Castile Soap

Made from olive oil, Castile Soap is a natural soap that does not rely on potentially toxic chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate to create suds. Instead, it uses the saponin content of its oil to form bubbles, making Castile Soap one of the safest and most biodegradable soaps. Its name is derived from its place of origin – the Castile region of Spain, and is believed to be designed based on a soap from the ancient city of Aleppo, Syria. Because of its all-natural ingredients, Castile Soap is known to leave you with healthy skin without exposing yourself to any harsh chemical. It’s versatile, too, as it can cleanse your body as a face wash, shampoo, hand soap, and even shaving soap. Other than olive oil, Castile Soap also contains water and essential oils that promote smooth skin and good health. Because of the soap’s nutrient-dense ingredients and chemical-free formulation, we here at Body & soap have harnessed the cleansing and therapeutic benefits of Castile Soap and infused it into many of our products. Most of us know that many of the heavily marketed soaps today contain a myriad of dangerous chemicals that are stressing out our skin. Castile Soap certainly is not one of those products, and it’s even perfect for vegans because all its components are based on vegetable oils. This natural soap is also versatile – use it to clean your home as well. 


*Castile Soap lathers up easily despite it being chemical-free

*Castile Soap is safe for babies and pets because of its natural and chemical-free formulation

*Castile Soap is very versatile and has many wonderful uses and applications - it can also clean vegetables

*Castile Soap is gentle to the environment since it is free of artificial components


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