Meet The Founder

My Journey to Body & Soap Skincare

My journey began as I started my search to find a natural skin care product for my sensitive skin. As a little girl, I remember not being able to enjoy my time in the swimming pool because the chlorine would irritate my skin.

I also remember suffering from acne and severe dry and oily skin, yes, I have what is called combination skin. I tried just about every skin care product on the shelves, but nothing seemed to work out for me. After years of  trial and error with various skin care experiments, I decided to embark on the search to solve my never-ending skin problems. After years of research and experimenting with various oils and herbs, I discovered the process of soap making. 

My goal was to maintain an all natural and cruelty free approach to preserve the integrity of my skin. I decided to take matters into my own hands and explore the possibility of manufacturing my own products to solve my own problems. This led to experimenting with various oils and botanicals.

This was the beginning of my search for a product that is environmentally and human friendly. At first, I started experimenting in my kitchen using different oils infused with various essential oils and scents. I soon discovered that not only was there a healthier way to skin care products but, that I could make my own and I was having fun doing so.

I make all of my products using the cold process method. All of my ingredients are locally bought, as a matter of fact, some of my ingredients come from my back yard herbal garden. I also buy from my local farmers market as a way to support them. I like to say that I proudly make my soaps and body butter from scratch, just like nature intended.