ANTI-AGING = Prevention, Restoration

Mature skincare type is skin that tends to be drier, prone to fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles. Mature skin loses it elasticity and needs collagen producing ingredients to aid it in remain healthy and vibrant.

How to care for mature skin:

  • Consider using a cleansing oil to soften and remove makeup
  • Cleanse with a non-drying cleanser loaded with oils
  • Tone with Argan Mature Tone toner to replace oils and balance natural skin pH
  • Gently pat skin - being careful never to tug on delicate skin 
  • Apply rich moisturizer - Natural oils may feel a little oily at first but they will skin in and help nourish skin. Apply to face and neck
  • Apply eye cream - using small dots of cream, placing them around eyes and pat in
  • Apply serum