Handmade body cream vs store bought body lotion

Handmade body cream vs store bought body lotion

I find myself often feeling the need to explain to every customer about the difference between store bought lotion and handmade lotion, specifically the natural lotions (aka strictly butters and oils), only because if someone isn't used to using a natural, handmade product, I don't want them running away frightened from the initial application.
When I first got into creating skin recipes and trying each one out, I have to admit I almost lost hope and quit several times because I was getting beyond frustrated with every greasy batch of solid lotion. I could not understand why they all felt so oily. Yes, the greasy feeling went away after a few minutes, but it was something I was not used to and it left me feeling discouraged, to say the least.
So, let me explain. Big brand name lotions (Jergens, Johnson's, even Aveda) all use a lot of synthetic chemicals to create their lotions. Water is almost always the main ingredient which can leave your skin quenching even more hydration, causing you to reapply the lotion several times a day. If you are anything like me, you must apply lotion any time your skin hits the water, even if it’s only for a split second (otherwise it feels like your skin is so dry, it's going to burn and fall off your body at any given time).

Here is the difference between your more traditional lotions and natural butters used as lotions:
Handmade lotions use strictly butters and oils. They may feel heavy or greasy upon first application because you are literally spreading straight butter and oil on your skin. The natural butters sit on top of your skin for a minute or two, then soak into your skin, trapping in all the luxurious moisture and creating a barrier against drying elements. Many people even say that the natural lotions last through A few hand washings.
Here's a little test. Go rub some store-bought lotion onto your hands and massage it into your skin until you feel it is completely absorbed. Most would describe the sensation as "wet", as if you applied thick water straight onto your skin. After a few minutes, your skin feels nothing.
When you apply Body & Soap Body Cream, you rub a little over your hands and massage the layer into your skin. You may notice it feels a bit heavy and thick for a minute or two, but then it suddenly sinks into your skin, leaving it unbelievably soft and silky. I do not know about you, but I'd much rather have my skin soaking up those luxurious, skin loving oils and butters rather than water and chemicals which is only going to leave my skin drier than before.  Do your skin a huge favor and try out a natural lotion if you have not done so already. If you still prefer a liquid type lotion, look for whipped body butters or creams. Otherwise, if you are open to change, give a solid lotion or body cream a shot. An upside to these alternatives is their many uses. Thick body cream can be applied to your hair to make it smooth and soft. Solid lotions can be used as cuticle cream, solid perfumes, and foot balm. Rub a layer over your feet before bed, put on a pair of comfy socks, and wake up to incredibly soft feet. Wonderful after spending the summer in sandals!

Our Natural thick Eucalyptus Body Cream from Body & Soap Skincare is made in small batches using whole natural butters and oils to give your skin that sumptuous richness it has been craving.
Have you ever used natural lotion before? What was your experience like? Visit us on Facebook @ soapandbody and Instagram @bodynsoap. We want to hear from you!

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